January 19, 2010

I’m really into this artist that is showing in NYC at the Hauser & Wirth gallery.  She’s a badass 80 year old painter. I definitly recommend looking at her work. Ida Appleboorg


a little something

January 14, 2010

girls are mean

December 21, 2009

recent work

October 23, 2009

some new stuff

September 28, 2009

sorry the pictures are kind of sloppy…

“untitled” collage on paper 8″x14″

“untitled” collage on paper 11″x20″

“gemini” collage on paper 4″x6″


September 5, 2009

my “studio” is really just my bedroom in bushwick. here are some pics…

this picture looks better if you turn your head slightly to the left…

work in progress

ramona likes the rug

i like to stay organized


August 28, 2009

“sleeping, not dreaming” mixed media on canvas 6×6″

i did this piece for an art show in october. it’s 6×6 gallery. i’m a little perturbed because the sealant i used removed some of the ink from the college and smeared it…it wasn’t thinking. 


August 22, 2009

“beast” mixed media on found cardboard 8×14″


July 28, 2009

“untitled” collage on watercolor paper 4×6


June 24, 2009

small collages I did. there all 4″x6″. my inspiration was ray johnson. i recommend watching How To Draw A Bunny.

“Waxen” collage on water color paper

“Habit” collage on watercolor paper

“Copulate” collage on watercolor paper